Open Emotion’s Game Soundtracks Now Available on iTunes and Amazon

on August 13, 2011 4:00 PM

Irish developer Open Emotion, maker of several PSP Minis games, has just released three of their game soundtracks on iTunes, Amazon, and Napster. They’re all done by some pretty awesome chiptune artists; 8BitLegend does the Mad Blocker Alpha and Ninjamurai soundtracks, and the Revoltin’ Youth soundtrack features him along with the delightfully poppy George and Jonathan (pictured above) and established chiptune artist Sabrepulse.

If you’re a chiptune fan, the Revoltin’ Youth soundtrack seems like it’s worth looking into. Pick it up from iTunes here. You can also pick up 8BitLegend’s soundtracks for Mad Blocker Alpha and Ninjamurai from those links.

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