Operation Rainfall Moves to Phase Two

Operation Rainfall Moves to Phase Two

Operation Rainfall, a fan-powered initiative to persuade Nintendo to release JRPGs Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story in the Americas, is moving to phase two.

Besides sending letters to Nintendo and Donating to the Child’s Play charity, Operation Rainfall is encouraging american fans to show their “intent to buy products” by purchasing the NES version of Final Fantasy on the Wii Virtual Console on August the 19th (day of the European release of Xenoblade Chronicles).

While I personally wholeheartedly support the cause, I can’t help by express a bit of perplexity about the means to pursue it: “Rewarding” Nintendo for not giving us the products we want by giving them more money on other games dangerously sounds a lot like positive reinforcement of poor marketing decisions.

It seems to me that it could give them some very wrong ideas, on a slippery slope that might be more damaging than anything else.

It would probably be more appropriate to purchase JRPGs for other platforms and send Nintendo the receipt with the pointed but very appropriate mesage: “This money could have been yours. Too bad”.

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