Operation Rainfall Shifts Gears, Plans Siege of Pleas for The Last Story

January 24, 2012

Nintendo scored points with North American fans and localization advocacy group Operation Rainfall when it agreed to bring Wii JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles stateside. But the latter party, not happy with the localization of just one of the three games for which it’s lobbying, is planning a blitz on Nintendo of America starting this weekend and ending on the date The Last Story releases in Europe, Feb. 24, in hopes of convincing The Big N to take that title across the pond.

The group’s official site, which also features a timer counting down to the U.S. release of Xenoblade Chronicles, details the strategy. Although the folks behind Operation Rainfall are beginning a push for The Last Story to see a U.S. release, they acknowledge the importance of keeping sights on Xenoblade.


“We are merely shifting [our] focus slightly for the next few weeks but we understand how important it is that Xenoblade sells well so Xenoblade coverage will continue,” the site reads.

The biggest phase of Operation Rainfall’s plan will be this Friday, when its members anticipate physical letters asking for the localization and U.S. release of The Last Story to arrive at Nintendo of America HQ in Redmond, Wash. Details on how to contact The Big N are available on the Operation Rainfall site.

After that date, much of the content on the group’s site will focus on the game while giving nods to Xenoblade here and there. Does Operation Rainfall have much chance of succeeding in this endeavor? Nintendo did trademark The Last Story in the U.S. half a year ago, but that may very well have been a move intended to keep another publisher from using the title in the near future.

The group hasn’t mentioned any plans of his sort for Pandora’s Tower, the third game it wants localized, but rest assured that if the push for The Last Story is successful, it won’t be long before we hear something.

Eder Campuzano

Eder is a journalism major at the University of Oregon and copy chief of Flux, the School of Journalism and Communication's flagship magazine. When he's not playing video games or writing about them, Eder enjoys going to concerts, walking the UO campus with his trusty iPod, James McCloud, and climbing steep hills in running shoes. His favorite games include Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong Country 2, Bioshock and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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