Opinion: Could an Abby Expansion Be Next for The Last of Us 2?

What could we see if Naughty Dog decided to continue Abby's story?

By Rachael Fiddis

March 10, 2021

Spoilers for The Last of Us part 2 are revealed throughout this article.

The Last of Us Part 2 released in June last year and to say it has divided gamers is probably an understatement. It’s safe to say, part 2 has been a title met with extreme emotions from right across the spectrum; joy, sorrow and anger to name just a few. One of the biggest reasons The Last of Us Part 2 was met with such an outcry was mostly down to the introduction of Abby Anderson who killed off one of the franchises most beloved characters, Joel, and of course the ridiculousness over how muscular she was. *rolls eyes so hard here* 

In saying that, Abby has also received a lot of praise and there are folks, like myself, who would love to continue her story after she sailed off on a boat, broken and battered, with Lev after that notorious beach battle with Ellie. According to some rumours flying around the internet, a list of Naughty Dog games is doing the rounds that include Uncharted arriving on PC this year, TLOU2 multiplayer and a The Last of Us Part 2 ‘Abby’ Expansion.

While, naturally, these rumours aren’t based on anything other than a post on 4chan which, in itself, should tell you all you need to know as it’s a pretty disgusting site you should stay well away from, it got me thinking about how much I would love the “Abby Expansion” to be true.

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What could The Last of Us Part 2 ‘Abby’ Expansion look like?

Even though Neil Druckmann, co-writer of The Last of Us Part 2, has previously stated that a DLC for the game wouldn’t be happening, let’s just pretend that it is and what it could look like if it ever was to happen. As I mentioned earlier, we last say Abby fleeing with an injured Lev under her wing into the darkness of the ocean. What I would love to see next would be how Abby and Lev finally caught up with the rest of the fireflies and how her chance at redemption could see her making more positive choices with her life.

I don’t believe that Abby’s absolution of what horror she has caused needs to end where we left her and her story arc could easily be continued with that of Lev’s who only just beginning. As we’ve seen throughout The Last of Us Part 2, the player was able to switch between Abby and Ellie and that’s something that could be worth exploring with Abby and Lev as he sets out on his own quest for answers and even have Abby (and the Fireflies?) help him as they go up against the Seraphites.

Whether this type of gameplay will ever see the light of day, that’s really up to Naughty Dog and if they decide to take this unique and widely controversial character to another level by giving her her own continuation. I do think that it would be foolish to never see Abby again in any context because she offers so much grit and complexity that made part 2 what it was.

I also believe that Naughty Dog isn’t afraid to take Abby’s adventure further, if they wished to do so, due to the barrage of negativity and toxic behaviour received from part 2. We’ve seen how far the studio is willing to go for a great, at times horrific, story just by the ballsy narrative of TLOU2 alone.

While we wait to see what Naughty Dog has up their sleeve next, which could be an entirely new IP, The Last of Us Part 2 is available now exclusively on PS4 if you’ve yet to experience the title.

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