Returnal - What Does the Orange Light That Appears Mean?

By Sam Woods

May 2, 2021

After a relatively quiet year for games so far, the end of April came out swinging with the release of both Returnal on the PS5 and New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch.

While one of the two titles is a serene journey through beautiful landscapes taking photographs of monsters, the other is about surviving a range of hellish biomes before dying and ultimately starting again.

The two games couldn’t be more different in playstyle but they both have one thing in common – there’s enough challenge that has left players asking questions.

One of the major questions that has cropped up is “What Does the Orange Light Mean in Returnal?” – here we have it answered for you.

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Returnal – Story Trailer

Returnal – Story Trailer

What is Returnal?

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Returnal is a brutally hard bullet hell rouge-like game from esteemed Finnish developers Housemarque.

The studio has taken everything it learnt from its previous retro style shmups including the likes of Resogun and Super Stardust and translated it into a full, triple-A experience.

Is it Worth Playing?

In our official Returnal review, we scored the game a very respectable 9/10.

Our reviewer said: “The individual mechanics of the game all add up to make the moment-to-moment gameplay feel really good.”

So, What Does the Orange Light Mean in Returnal?

Players will notice the orange light in Returnal early on in the game but will find there’s nothing they can do with it. This is deliberate.

Without giving away spoilers as to how, players will receive a Hookshot type item at some point during the game. This will then allow them to latch onto these orange lights.

There’s no fear of missing out on what’s in the areas you latch onto because, let’s be honest, you’re likely to die and end up back there anyway.

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