Orange Reveals 2012 OPC Lineup of PCs

By John Colaw

December 18, 2011

If the name Orange doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps the striking image of the amplifier above will. Orange Amplifiers are world renown as some of the best amps in the world. Recently they announced their new lineup of “OPC” computers (Orange PC that is), which are pre-built and specialized for recording music. However a second look at the hardware contained within appears to tell another story as it appears the machine could possibly be capable of playing games well, although I can’t spot any specs on a video card so at this point I’m not sure.

The price tag reflects the quality and is a little up there, but if you’re looking for something to do some decent gaming with as well as a machine to record music this might be an excellent choice, and if nothing else it looks incredibly cool.

A video of the machine in action recording some guitar tracks is available after the break, and I have to say it’s rather impressive looking in that regard. 

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