Orbital on the iPhone goes “Supernova”!

Orbital on the iPhone goes “Supernova”!

Good readers of DualShockers, it seems that Christmas has come early this year for iPhone users! One of the platform’s most popular and celebrated games has been updated with a brand new game mode to keep you entertained over the Holidays. Orbital 1.2 introduces the new mode, Supernova.

Supernova mode incorporates some of the new reqeusted features (as determined by some secretly carried out fan-poll). The new shot mechanism allows you to pinpoint your orb placement by touching, dragging the laser guide, and releasing to shoot. The most requested feature update was chain reactions; so now orbs can explode nearby orbs and players earn bonuses for pulling off chain reactions.

A man named Andreas Hüppi (The CEO of Bitforge) says:

Orbital is a game whose enjoyability and addictiveness are variable based on the conditions that determine its difficulty: friction, gravity, cannon and orb speed and control. We’ve taken the best and most asked for ideas from fans and players and incorporated them into the new Supernova mode which we hope players find to be a distilled and concentrated version of our digital crack.”

Hope you guys get spending that christmas cash on this title – it sounds addictive, refined and a hell of a lot of fun!