Order Up For Fast Food Panic

on January 7, 2010 1:28 PM

Some people out their think it is easy to run a restaurant. I once thought that too, until I grew up, and realized there is a lot more behind the scenes to it than managers show. An easy way to get a taste behind being in control of a restaurant is by playing the new Wii game Fast Food Panic, also available now for the DS. We have played games that involved cooking for the customers, but when you have to cook multiple items at once, and also worry about taking out the trash, calculating checks, chasing away nasty pests, and washing dishes, the experience is more realistic than you think. Though the game is available for both the Wii and DS, does not mean it has the same game play.

Each version is different. They have different recipes, mini games and tasks. With the Wii you can bring the family together to play competitive mini games, like catching the most fish and delivering food the fastest. DS is more on the go, filling your everyday food craving needs as you venture off in the world. the game is available now for the DS, but it is available for the Wii January 19th. If you really want to know what it is like to flip burgers, roll sushi, and toss pizza, this game is perfect for you.