Oregon Trail’s Original Creators Looking to Develop New Educational Software

Oregon Trail’s Original Creators Looking to Develop New Educational Software

Former members of MECC and creators of the original Oregon Trail educational simulator have begun a new project to provide STEM material to students. It's called Re@l Experiences at Life.

Based on the success of the original The Oregon Trail almost 50 years ago, the game’s creators, former members at Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC), are aiming to once again bring educational experiences to computer screens in ways that are truly dynamic and impactful.

Minnpost reports that the new educational software company established by these MECC veterans is called Re@l Experiences at Life. The software they are developing by the same name aims to provide students with resources that focus on STEM study areas in science, technology, engineering, and math for potential careers. The software would run through a web portal for students to easily access and stream in class.

The President and CEO of Re@l, Paul Gullickson says that the company’s goal is “to help students get excited about careers and keep people employed in the U.S.”

As far as how competitive the market is to create this kind of product, Gullickson explains that there isn’t much out there in the way of STEM-focused education technology with an emphasis on careers, rather it only concentrates on a single area of study. The way he sees it, there isn’t “much in the way of competition at all.”

For now, it seems the only roadblock towards Re@l’s success is about $500,000.00 in funding. However, the team seems unconcerned with the price tag, noting “we’ve done it before.”