Ori and the Blind Forest Returns Profit After Just One Week; Microsoft and Developers “Super Happy” with Title’s Success

Ori and the Blind Forest Returns Profit After Just One Week; Microsoft and Developers “Super Happy” with Title’s Success

Released last month across Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, Moon Studios’ Ori and the Blind Forest drew great praise as one of the best titles to hit the Xbox platforms in the beginning of 2015, and as a result the title has managed to return a profit and shows that Ori and the Blind Forest may have a very promising future ahead.

Moon Studios developer Thomas Mahler took to a post on NeoGAF and detailed that since its release in March, Ori and the Blind Forest “was already profitable a week after release and Microsoft is super happy,” showing the title’s great reception and feedback has been positive for the game’s sales.

While Mahler couldn’t give more specifics at this time, he did cap off his post by mentioning “we’ll see about Ori’s future,” as Mahler described that the studio has “5 potential things…in the oven right now (spanning from smaller to huge projects),” seeming like both the future of Ori and the Blind Forest and Moon Studios will be in a good place.

In a follow-up post on the same thread, Mahler also detailed that the studio is looking for community feedback and suggestions, with the possibilities of future Ori titles either further exploring the unused backstory of The Blind Forest in subsequent games or in alternative mediums, such as a movie. Mahler explained:

“I have somewhat of an outline now of where I’d like to go with the IP in the future, if we’d get to work on another Ori-related project, but I’d be interested in hearing what you guys generally thought about it. I think we crafted a big world with memorable characters and there’s a lot of potential for us to go in and keep working on that tale.”

“I’ve read both sides now – people that loved the story and people that really only cared for the gameplay and dismissed the story. But there was actually quite a lot of lore we created that didn’t really make it into Blind Forest.”

“I love that our characters have quite a lot of depth and that even our antagonist isn’t just out to take over the world, but has a good reason for her actions. But it’d be interesting to take it a step further and open up the world a bit more, to give people further insight into how Nibel works, the characters in it, etc.”

“I think in general, there are two camps: Those that really enjoy the tale behind it and those that really are just there for the gameplay and that’s perfectly fine. But I’d looove for us and Microsoft to do a little bit more with the IP – Ultimatley, I think it’d be amazing if some movie studio would acquire the film rights and produce a film based on Ori. I think the story we crafted would suit itself really well for that medium as well…”

Ori and the Blind Forest is currently available on Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version scheduled to release later in 2015.