Origin Crisis DLC Brings Quantum Powers to DC Universe Online

By Masoud House

May 14, 2013

DC Universe Online Executive Producer Larry Liberty took some time today (via the Playstation Blog) to talk about the seventh DLC for DC Universe Online, called “Origin Crisis,” available today.

There must be a parallel universe lovestorm going on at DC Entertainment nowadays, since–much like Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infinite Crisis–“Origin Crisis” is all about alternate universes. This includes a “Council of Batmen” and “Council of Lex Luthors,” time traveling to Crime Alley in Gotham and the House of El on Krypton, and “What If’s,” like an evil Batman controlling Gotham, an evil Superman teaming with Luthor to control Metropolis, and a Lex Luthor who fights for good.

“Origin Crisis” takes place after the third DLC, “The Battle for Earth,” where heroes and villains united to thwart Brainiac from remaking the multiverse in his image. “Origin Crisis” takes place fifteen months after Future Lex Luthor tries to take the Nexus of Reality, only to be interrupted by Future Batman. Is your head spinning yet?

“Origin Crisis” offers new cooperative four-player Operations and eight-player Raids, and allows players’ actions to decide the course of the events they encounter. The DLC also adds the Quantum Power set to DC Universe Online, which manipulates Time and Space to create graviton fields, control the flow of time, and teleport. New solo missions will also be available, with high-end simulation Iconic Anomalies that put players in the origins of characters like Huntress and Bizarro. “Origin Crisis” will also offer tons of new gear, weapons, and mods to make your hero or villain even more unique.

“Origin Crisis” will be available today via the Playstation Network. Check out the screenshots below for a closer look at the game, and let us know in the comments if you’re still playing DC Universe Online, and if not, whether “Origin Crisis” will bring you back.

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