Original Dark Souls Gets New Boss Rush Mod on PC

Original Dark Souls Gets New Boss Rush Mod on PC

A new mod for the original Dark Souls adds a boss rush mode.

If you’ve ever wished that you could play a Dark Souls game where you only fight the game’s infamously difficult bosses and skip all the in-between, then Wulf2k’s new boss rush mod is definitely for you.

There are two versions of the mod. One where you fight all of Dark Souls’ bosses in reverse, and one where you fight them in the base game’s normal order. The mod currently is in a pre-alpha state so expect a lot of technical bugs and glitches. You’ll also be timed, so the amount of souls you get at the end will be a product of how fast you cleared each boss.

You can check out the mod, and read more about it on Reddit. There are also download instructions on the official post. Obviously, the mod is only available on the PC version of Dark Souls. 

From Software, the developer of the Souls series, recently released their final project in Dark Souls’ world with Dark Souls III’s Ringed City DLC. The company has since been rumored to be developing a brand new dark fantasy action RPG for home consoles.

The original Dark Souls is available now on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The game is also a backwards compatible 360 title on Xbox One.