Original Journey Steam Release Date Announced with Console Release Coming Soon

Original Journey Steam Release Date Announced with Console Release Coming Soon

Another Indie and Bonfire Entertainment announce the Steam release date for Original Journey, along with a release window for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Hong Kong publisher Another Indie and Beijing-based indie developer Bonfire Entertainment have announced the PC release date for their tower defense/racing/platforming/shooting/puzzling title Original Journey along with a new trailer to truly signify the occasion.

Original Journey will see its Steam release on August 16, with plans to release it on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in Q1 2018.

Original Journey combines a plethora of gameplay genres to tell the story of the Ato, vegetation on a mission to save their home world. To do this, they must traverse space and locate the legendary Origin Stone to bring salvation to their planet. Unfortunately, the Origin Stone is rumored to be on Planet Shadow, a place where they must never go… The Ato elect to go against that sound advice and visit Planet Shadow, which is where the player comes in as The Rookie. By arming The Rookie with customizable armor, turrets, and a slew of weapons, the Ato plan to “explore” this new world.

Interestingly, Original Journey does not stop as a simple mission to defeat bad and restore the light. According to Another Indie’s Director of Developer Relations Iain Garner, “the story asks some hard questions” in addition to having a demanding level of difficulty.

For more information on Original Journey, you can check out the game’s official website. You can also watch the official Steam launch date announcement trailer below, showcasing the title’s frenetic-looking gameplay.