The Original Punch-Out!! Is Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

The Original Punch-Out!! Is Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

The dual-screen arcade cabinet version of Punch-Out!!, which inspired the NES staple, is coming to the Switch as a port in Japan on March 30.

While you can find Punch-Out!! on the emulators, NES, and NES Classic, the game’ s arcade progenitor is coming to the Nintendo Switch as Arcade Archives Punch-Out!! in Japan on March 30, according to Impress Game Watch.

There is currently no talk of a North-American release.


If you were not introduced to the franchise via the arcade cabinet version of the game then you might find the game’s dual-monitor display jarring (you can check it out below). Luckily, the Switch will allow players to place the two screens either above or beside one another.

The original two displays were used one screen to display the actual fight, and another to display the current score, time, and status of the fighters such as Little Mac, Glass Joe, and Mr. Sandman. The port is being handled by Hamster, who has worked on other Nintendo titles such as the original Mario Bros.

Punch-Out!! first hit arcades in Japan in 1983 and then North America one year later. It wasn’t until 1987 that the game was released in its eventual single-screen version on the NES.