Orwell Demo is Now Live: But Orwell Already Knew that Human

Orwell Demo is Now Live: But Orwell Already Knew that Human

Osmotic Studios recently took to twitter to announce that their latest dystopian game, Orwell, has a free demo available on Steam. At least, I hope it’s the dev team and not the evil program itself. Lets take a look at that tweet:


Oh yeah, that definitely doesn’t sound suspicious at all. But the people you investigate in the game are as you man the Orwell program trying to figure out which citizens were responsible for a bombing in the Nation’s capital.

Comb through emails, medical files, online chats and see the connections between potential suspects. They might not have anything to hide but its still your job to determine that for yourself. Privacy is not a commodity in this world.

The demo itself is actually the first episode of the game and each new part will come out weekly until mid November. The schedule is:

  • Oct 20: Episode One – The Clocks were Striking Thirteen
  • Oct 27: Episode Two – A Place where there is No Darkness
  • Nov 03: Episode Three – Unperson
  • Nov 10: Episode Four – Memory Hole
  • Nov 17: Episode Five – Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

The game is available to purchase now at 15% off ($8.49 USD) and will remain on sale until October 27th. There, I did it Orwell. No need to keep an eye on me. I did your bidding. I’m free, right?