Our World Is Ended's PS4 and Switch Remake Releases on March 28 in Japan, New Characters Revealed

Mages announced the Japanese release date for PS4, Switch remake of Our World Is Ended, which will feature new characters and story elements.

Mages revealed today that the PS4, Switch port of visual novel Our World Is Ended is actually a remake with new elements. Our World Is Ended first released only in Japan in 2017 for PS Vita. The PS4 and Switch remake will be titled Judgment 7 Our World is Ended in Japan, and will release there on March 28, with the Switch version being digital-only.

Our World Is Ended follows Judgment 7, a game developing group based in Tokyo. Our protagonist is Reiji Gozen, an 18 years old college student who works part-time at Judgment 7. The group was created by Sekai Owari, who is the main programmer, and his friend “Dolphin number 2” who writes the games’ story. As the team works on their latest game, which uses VR headsets, they realize the game’s characters and environments are appearing in the real world.

Our World Is Ended is developed by Red Entertainment, and is directed by Naoki Morita, one of Sakura Wars‘ writers. The game has character designs by Eiri Shirai, who does the illustrations of the light novel Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.

Our World Is Ended ‘s remake features new characters and scenarios. The GUI and menus were remade as well, to make the game easier to play. According to Mages, the remake will be 130% bigger than the original PS Vita version. Two new characters and their profiles were revealed for now:

The first one is a girl named “Jellyfish Number 3”, voiced by Ayumi Takeishi.

  • Age: 14 years old
  • Special skill: Being able to help with any task
  • Favorite things: “Dolphin Number 2″‘s makeup personality, light novels, studying
  • Role: “Dolphin Number 2″‘s Little Sister.

Her real name is Kurara Umino, and she’s “Dolphin Number 2″‘s little sister. She admires her brother, dresses just like him, and decided to create a makeshift personality for herself too. She’s imitating his nickname and his overly complicated weird way of speaking. She’s not good at it though so she often drops the act and ends up speaking like a normal girl. She also always add new characteristics to her makeshift personality. She’s currently in her first year of middle school and acts completely normal at school.

The second new character is Mamori Mimori, voiced by Satomi Akesaka:

  • Age: 18 years old
  • Birthdate: 24th December 1998
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Blood type: AB type
  • Favorite things: Reiji Gozen, Misaki Reiji (his real name), Rei (the way she calls him)
  • Skill: She’s a good blogger
  • Role in the story:  Reiji Gozen’s Stalker

Mamori is Reiji’s self-proclaimed girlfriend and often goes into delusion mode. She attends the same college and is obsessed with him. She even has a handmade plushie of him she always carries around. She’s unpredictable, but at the same time doesn’t realize her delusions aren’t reality and the fact that she’s stalking Reiji, so she’s not particularly clever either with her stalking. She’s quite clumsy overall. Sometimes, she even gets angry at Reiji for “forgetting” things that happened between them she actually imagined.

You can find below the artworks for “Jellyfish Number 3″/Kurara, Mamori and some screenshots.

You can find the game’s Japanese official site here. Our World Is Ended ‘s remake was already announced in the west. It will release for PC, PS4, and Switch in 2019. You can watch the first teaser trailer here.

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