Outbreak: Shades of Horror Kickstarter Launches This August

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August 4, 2022

Dead Drop Studios has announced the Kickstarter release date for their latest survival action game ‘Outbreak: Shades of Horror’, which will launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A demo of the game is currently available on Steam, and a teaser trailer has also been released.

Since 2017, the Outbreak series released at least one new entry each year. It is a work that depicts the survival of normal humans in a city attacked by a zombie apocalypse. The game relies heavily on inventory management and solving puzzles. It is known to be inspired by Japanese horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. But the key difference is that Outbreak: Shades of Horror strives to put a new twist on the classic formula.


Outbreak: Shades of Horror invites players to experience the opening hours of a zombie outbreak in the city of Cypress Ridge in September 1999. Up to 4 players can cooperate online or locally via split screen, and choose from the available pool of citizens, each with different and unique abilities to escape the undead apocalypses. The group will need to look for supplies, fight zombies and traverse the city in order to find an escape. If any player dies, they get resurrected as a zombie who is now tasked with killing their former friends.

Each scenario has multiple routes and endings, so decision-making is essential between team members. Outbreak: Shades of Horror is also a signature work for allowing you to play the entire game from any angle: Third Person, First Person or over the shoulder. The aesthetic looks retro but the game is designed with modern players in mind, with upgraded crafting systems and location-specific damage. The developer also notes that the game plays best with an Xbox gamepad.

Outbreak: Shades of Horror is slated for launch on the Kickstarter platform on August 31st. The game will include text and subtitles in nine different languages, including full English audio support.

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