Outlast: Bundle of Terror Gets a Surprise Release on the Nintendo Switch Today

Outlast: Bundle of Terror Gets a Surprise Release on the Nintendo Switch Today

Outlast developer Red Barrles has revealed that the first game is available now on the Nintendo Switch, while pre-orders for its sequel are now open.

As some of the most terrifying recent horror games to release in the past few years, the Outlast series has combined thrilling jump scares with the terror of a restricted POV thanks to its video camera mechanics, and now the series can be experienced on-the-go with its surprise release on the Nintendo Switch.

Developer Red Barrels has announced that Outlast: Bundle of Terror — a package which comprises of the first game and its “Whistleblower” DLC — is releasing today on the Nintendo Switch, after the studio previously confirmed that the series would be arriving for the system sometime this year. Red Barrels clarified that the games are already available now in some regions (such as Europe), but will be rolling out to other territories (like North America) throughout the day.

Outlast II is also scheduled to release on the Switch sometime later this year, and while no specific release date has been confirmed just yet, pre-orders for the game are available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror is available now on Nintendo Switch, and its sequel will be available for the system sometime later this year. For impressions of Outlast II, you can check out our review from back when the game debuted in spring last year. You can also check out the launch trailer for the Switch launch below: