Outplay Introduces Word Trick and Booty Quest to Facebook

on December 6, 2011 8:00 PM

Just read the titles of those games and try to tell me you didn’t imagine Facebook finally offered opportunities to either learn magic through speech or hunt for one-night-stands. Because the truth is far from it. Make fun of Facebook games all you want: They’re big money. Walk with me while we take a look at two of the newer offerings on the social network.

Word Trick is a new word game — you know, like Scrabble? — that adds “Trick Tiles” to help multiply your score so you’re not holding onto that “Z” or “Q” for monster points while your opponents rack up their scores with tons of two- or three-letter words. Yes, the double- and triple-letter and word score tiles are still there, but at least now there’s a slight reprieve from the agony of having to wait until you reach them.

Booty Quest, on the other hand, takes that classic, Bejeweled-esque match-three gameplay your parents love and throws pirates into the mix. It’s pretty respectful about boundaries: In the five minutes I tried the game, not once did it post anything random to my wall or send invites without my permission. Now that‘s respect. There’s also weekly tournaments, which the game will keep you informed about via a countdown clock integrated into the display.

I’ll be honest: I don’t play many Facebook games, save for a couple of minutes I spent with Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time. And the main draw there was that I could play a Bejeweled clone set to Alan Silvestri’s score. Words With Friends is a fun distraction as well, especially when you find a formidable anonymous opponent. Both of these games offer a little something new for anyone who enjoys those two titles I just mentioned, so why not give ’em a whirl?

Both Word Trick and Booty Quest will come to iOS devices later this year.

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