Latest Outriders Broadcast Dives Into Story, NPCs, and the Pyromancer

Get a look at the huge world you'll explore and the interesting people you'll meet once you hop into Outriders later this year.

Today marks the second iteration of People Can Fly’s Outriders Broadcast. This ongoing series provides players with deep dives into various aspects of the upcoming co-op shooter. Last time out, the team looked at the game’s systems and went in-depth on the Trickster class. For their sophomore effort, we got a better look at the game’s story, world, NPCs, and a spotlight feature on the Pyromancer. Give the full thing a watch below.

The Outriders Broadcast started with some information about the game’s story and its world. PCF seems very committed to providing players with an engrossing story to play through in single-player or with friends. They gave us a look at the map and it looks sizeable. You’ll visit several different human settlements, while also traversing off the beaten path.

And that landmass is filled with tons of quests. The team promises several hours worth of cutscenes to tie everything together. Your character’s gear will even show up in cutscenes, greatly improving immersion.

The team also discussed how the game will change as you progress. This means you can go back to previously visited locales and find new dialog and even sidequests. Speaking of side quests, they scale to your level in Outriders and contain valuable loot, as well as new lore. Completing them should be well-worth your efforts.

We also got a brief look at what will be your mobile base of operations. Each Outrider gets their truck, which is fully customizable. You’re not alone in the wilderness, however. A ragtag group of adventurers braves the wilds with you.

In the video, PCF is only letting us see three members of the crew. It’s heavily hinted that this won’t be all of your companions though. First up is Jakub. He’s the man who actually pilots your truck and also lets you customize the look of your all-terrain vehicle. Dr. Zahedi is a person of science and helps out with weapon mods and crafting. Finally, Bailey is a reluctant member of your squad and provides a mobile gear vendor.

All of these characters are likely going to get fully fleshed out over the coming months; however, even this introduction has me intrigued to learn more about them. Hopefully, they feel more like people and less like menus. Only time will tell.

The second broadcast gave the Pyromancer her turn in the spotlight. I covered this character in great detail after attending the Outriders preview event earlier this year, so check there if you want to read my full thoughts.

In short, the Pyromancer makes the bad guys go boom. Her ability to immobilize opponents and hit them with damage-over-time effects seems like something many players will get into. I’m just not one of them. Give me the Trickster all day.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know anything about the mysterious fourth character. Here’s hoping that news drops in one of the next few broadcasts.

The video ends with a short Q&A session. The team dropped a few nifty tidbits here. They confirmed that the game will not support PVP. Personally, I probably wouldn’t have engaged with it anyway, so it’s not a big loss for me. That said, I know there were some players looking forward to the potential mode.

People Can Fly also said the campaign will run you somewhere around 25-30 hours if you just mainline the story, but doing everything will take you 2-3 times longer. Players will have access to six characters and gear is tradeable between those characters.

One thing they did not address, that maybe I’d like to see mentioned is how they’re handling secondary playthroughs. One thing that’s always been annoying in games like Diablo or Borderlands is that your alt characters are forced to run through the story again to level up. To that end, Diablo 3 introduced Adventure Mode, which lets you play through the content in new and interesting ways. I’m not saying an Adventure Mode equivalent is necessary in 2020, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Outriders launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X later this year. Be sure to stay tuned for future broadcasts, which are sure to chock-full of information.

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