Outriders First Broadcast Goes In-Depth on Systems and the Trickster

The first Outriders broadcast gives an inside look at some of the game's systems and a deep dive into the Trickster class.

People Can Fly’s Outriders made its first big reveal back in February. Now the team is back with what they’re calling the Outriders Broadcasts. These monthly dives into the game will feature looks at all of the game’s systems and in-depth looks into the characters who make up the world of Enoch. Today, the team released the first broadcast, which gives us a great look at things like UI and World Tier, while also providing an intricate breakdown of the Trickster character class. Check it out below.

The broadcast starts with a quick overview of The First City. This rundown area of the world is where the space colonists first landed on Enoch. Now, it’s hostile territory controlled by gangs and monsters. However, for this quest, you’ll need to go into the city to retrieve a truck. Here, we see some more Pyromancer gameplay, but the focus is firmly on the game’s systems.

Notably, we see several different types of the same monster enemy. While the base enemy type uses superior numbers to swarm you, others employ different tactics. The medium-sized version spits what looks like toxic goo at you and the big boy looks to be adding electrical damage to its attacks. At the press event in February, I saw a few human enemies that used powers against you and it’s cool to see those powers transferred to the wildlife as well.

The video also gives a great look at the different UI customization options available. Whether you want a clean HUD or something that puts everything you could possibly want to know in front of you, People Can Fly has you covered. The UI is fully customizable, letting you tinker with it to your heart’s content.

One of the biggest things I wanted to know more about coming out of the press event was the World Tiers. This is how PCF is handling difficulty and seemed an elegant solution to dynamic difficulty. Basically, as you fight on your highest unlocked World Tier, you’re constantly gaining World Tier experience. Once you fill the bar up, you’ll jump to the next difficulty level. However, if you die, you lose a chunk of World Tier XP. This should ensure you’re not punching above your ability too much.

As expected, fighting at a higher World Tier will give you access to better loot. Plus, you’ll be able to equip gear that’s higher than your current player level if you’re playing at the appropriate World Tier. It’s a neat system that lets you customize your experience, while also rewarding you when you test yourself.

With the systems talk wrapped up, the team takes an in-depth look at the Trickster class. Personally, this was probably my favorite class to play at the event, so it was exciting to see them back on the battlefield. We even got to see a new skill in action! Time Clone gives you a nice shield and drops a clone of your hero where ever you activate the skill. From there, you can activate the skill again and warp back to your time clone. This lets you engage the enemy with reckless abandon as you always have a last-second escape if you need it.

There’s also a good look at the character’s skill tree. You can watch the whole thing if you’re interested, but the most intriguing part is that the trees are fully intertwined. This means you can easily move through the trees, picking and choosing which augments you want. The final big talking point for the Trickster revolves around gear.

People Can Fly is mostly holding back the gear talk for a later episode of the Outriders Broadcasts. However, they gave us a tease of some of the cool ways gear can modify your skills. Most notably is how powerful sets look to be. Of course, we can only see one in this video, but you’ll notice that completing that set makes it to where your Trickster can’t die as long as it’s in a Slow Trap. I can only imagine how wild those augments could get as you move through the game.

The video ends with a quick Q&A. Mostly, PCF just uses this section to confirm that this is not a games-as-a-service nor will Outriders have microtransactions. In fact, throughout the video they continually point out that everything is included on the disc. It seems like an obvious dig at Destiny and its Grimoires. Given the comparisons, it makes sense for them to note that. They also want to make it clear that the game won’t use Denuvo. Again, that seems like a smart choice given the bad vibes around the service.

All told, this was a great first go for these monthly broadcasts. Of course, as someone who’s already played the game, I’d like to see more, but that will come over the next few months.

Outriders launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X later this year.

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