Outriders: How to Complete the Have A Drink With Your Friend Side Quest

Who needs more Accolades?

If you are having trouble in completing the Outriders Have a Drink With Your Friend side quest, we are here to help.

Despite its rocky launch with huge server connection issues in the first few days, Outriders has experienced a heartwarming welcome from the looter-shooter fans who have been waiting for a worthy title in the genre since Ubisoft’s The Division 2.

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Outriders might not be a story-focused title, but that’s completely okay since it’s in a category where having entertaining gameplay and rich content matters more than anything else. Hopefully, Outriders nails all the aforementioned features.

How to Complete the Outriders Have a Drink With Your Friend Accolade

If you are one of those players who want to complete every available quest in the game and see that 100% progression bar in the menu, then you have probably encountered a side quest called Have a Drink With Your Friend, which provides no further clue. This side quest is actually a Progression Accolade that will reward you with a Convoy Customization (Legendary)
Pattern 20.

The key to complete this mission is to finish the game first. You need to reach the end of the campaign mode and finish the storyline to be able to get rid of this side quest. So, after you beat the final boss fight twice and watched the ending cutscene, the game will announce to you some endgame content such as Expeditions.

There’s no need to complete the Expedition missions. Just head towards the game’s first town. There, you will find the side quest with more details, which is not a hard-to-complete mission. Once you finished the mission, you will receive the rewards and your Accloades level will be raised.

Outriders is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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