Outriders Details Post-Campaign Content in Latest Broadcast

Outriders fourth broadcast finally breaks down what players can expect to do once they finish up the main campaign in People Can Fly's upcoming shooter.

November 5, 2020

The team at People Can fly finally dropped the fourth iteration of their Outriders Broadcast. It was a big one. For the first time, PCF pulled back the curtain on what players can expect to do once they finish off the campaign. I’m happy to say that it looks like you’ll have tons to do. They have quite a bit of content ready to go for launch, and it seems like they’re poised to add more if the game is successful. Check it out below.

It’s important to note that the post-campaign content in Outriders contains exactly zero recycled content. That means each Expedition is a brand new, bespoke area. Now, they’ll likely still have some of the same enemies and things like that, but the 14 Expeditions all have their own set of challenges and stories for players to uncover.

Expeditions also bring with them a new form of the world tier system from the campaign. Tiers in the post-campaign serve two purposes. As you progress through a tier, you’ll unlock new content. Outside of that mission to mission progression, tiers determine difficultly. And, of course, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

Speaking of rewards, PCF went into a ton of detail about how players will progress their character through the gear they pick up. Obviously, the game makes use of weapon drops; however, Outriders boasts a deeply customizable crafting and modding system that lets you tailor your gear to your playstyle. The video above provides a great primer, but essentially, know that you’re going to have tons of tools at your disposal to make the exact character you want.

Today’s footage also gave players another look at the game’s fourth playable character. DualShockers got to test out the Technomancer awhile back, so make sure to check out our coverage. I’ll also go ahead and link the trailer below.

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Outriders launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on February 2.


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