Outright Games Pairs up with Cartoon Network to Make New Ben 10 & Adventure Time Titles

Outright Games Pairs up with Cartoon Network to Make New Ben 10 & Adventure Time Titles

Outright Games has partnered with the Cartoon Network to create new Ben 10 and Adventure Time titles for consoles and PC for late 2017/early 2018.

Outright Games sent out a press release today detailing a new licensing deal with the Cartoon Network. The company has produced titles for several different franchises including Kung Fu PandaBarbie, Monster High, and How to Train Your Dragon. This deal will bring two new titles: the first is a new Ben 10 game whereas the second is a new Adventure Time game.

While no platforms have been officially announced, the press release did mention that these new titles were coming out ‘for console and PC’. Surprisingly, release windows were announced for the two projects along with a little bit of information. The Ben 10 game for instance is going to be dropping in the final quarter of 2017 and will be based on the new TV series. The story will concern a ‘fresh adventure’ for the titular hero and he’ll be able to seek out and unlock all his different transformations throughout his journey. Of course the end goal here is to save the galaxy, as it always is.

As for the other franchise from the Cartoon Network, this isn’t the first time that Outright has used that IP. Back in 2015, they worked on Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations for a whole bunch of different platforms including most of the seventh and eighth generations of consoles. With this also unnamed game, we were given a bit more info to chew on.

The new Adventure Time title will be coming out in early 2018 and will feature Jake and Finn dealing with a flooded Land of Ooo. Different mechanics were teased in the press release with ‘exploration, battl[ing] and even interrogation’ being part of this watery adventure.

Unfortunately no trailers or images were released for either of these two projects but we’ll be sure to follow Outright Games and their progress as more information becomes available.