Ouya Controller Revealed

Ouya Controller Revealed

The Ouya team has taken time to show off the controller that they have been working on for the Ouya console. They have taken feedback from around the internet and have made adjustments to the controller.

Changes made to the controller are as follows:

  • D-pad is no longer disc style and now is cross style
  • Thumbsticks now feature rubberized tops for better grip
  • Touch Pad is now more responsive with ability to change settings to make the cursor move faster
  • Triggers are implements on to the controller and flush with the body
  • Battery Bay features a high quality pull tab to avoid breakage

There is also work being done constantly to guarantee the controller is as fast and responsive as can be seen in the screen below.


Ouya may not  be a console that will resonate with everyone but you have to admire the effort that is put into the console and the consideration of fan’s feedback.