Ouya is Officially Dying at the End of June

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May 22, 2019

Even though it technically probably died years ago, the Ouya will officially be meeting its demise next month in June.

As announced by Razer, who purchased the rights to Ouya back in 2015 after the platform flopped, the Android-based console’s storefront will be closing next month, essentially killing the device. Razer says that the Ouya store will be closing up shop at long last on June 25, 2019. All accounts associated with the platform will also be deleted this day. Furthermore, if you still have money attached to your account at the moment, you better spend those funds before the store closes, otherwise, you’ll lose that money forever.


As for whether or not you’ll still be able to play games you’ve purchased on the Ouya, it’ll vary from game to game. Some titles on the Ouya need to verify with the storefront that you actually own it before you can play. Others don’t abide by this rule, but a specific list of which games do and don’t apply in this situation hasn’t been given.

Lastly, Razer says it will also be shutting down any websites associated with the Ouya at the end of June as well. It’s like the platform will have never existed at all, except in our memories.

Jokes aside, again, none of this news is surprising in the slightest. In fact, before this information came out today, I thought that the Ouya had already shuttered in the first place. The platform has pretty much been nonexistent for about 5 years at this point and has received practically no support from devs or Razer themselves in that span of time. Even though it’s typically sad when we see things like this closing down, I don’t think I’ll lose too much sleep over this one.

Goodbye, Ouya. We hardly knew ye.

Logan Moore

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