Polarity Heads to PC, Now a Former Ouya Exclusive

on August 2, 2013 8:15 PM

Polarity is no longer an Ouya exclusive. BlueButton Games announced that Polarity, a first person puzzle game, will be heading to PC, and will support Oculus Rift. Developer Craig Litter explained the reason behind the move.

I understand their motivations, my game is hardly a blockbuster but by the same token I want as many people to play it as possible so I can fund my next project.

No one can blame Litter, this is a business. The Ouya is floundering with a 27% purchase rate for games, and Litter believes that Ouya will continue to struggle to lock up exclusive titles.

I tried to negotiate with Ouya to remain exclusive but they were fairly resistant to change and as such I think there will be plenty of devs who just use them as ‘another platform’ rather than committing to them exclusively.

While it may be to early to declare the Ouya dead, I believe we can all agree its certainly on life support.

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