Ouya Sees a 27% Purchase Rate for Games Since Launch

Ouya Sees a 27% Purchase Rate for Games Since Launch

Since the Ouya’s launch last month, much speculation has been made and coverage reported about the potential for a console so heavily reliant on Free-to-Play models and easy accessibility to inexpensive or completely free games.

One month out, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman spoke with The Verge on sales numbers and the Ouya’s initial statistics, which she states realistically, but enthusiastically, as well.

In an interview, Uhrman mentioned that of all game purchases and downloads on the Ouya so far, the console has had a purchase rate of around 27%, although she remains optimistic given the console’s extremely large focus on free games or those with a free component, as required for publishing a game on the Ouya.

Uhrman also released that the Ouya has seen an 8% upgrade rate (that being users that upgrade a game from its F2P/Demo version to the full/paid version) for 13 of the console’s top 20 apps.

Concluding the interview, Uhrman is still confident after the Ouya’s official retail launch in June, as she remains driven that many developers of games for the Ouya would make their first million dollars on the console by the end of this year.