Ouya Update Announces OnLive Will Be Available Day One

Ouya Update Announces OnLive Will Be Available Day One

On Ouya’s Kickstarter, a new post has been added announcing that OnLive will be available on the Ouya console when the console launches. With the addition of OnLive, the Ouya game console has now gained access to a large library of games made available through OnLive at launch.


Through OnLive, gamers will have the chance to play many of the popular games that are available on other home consoles but not have to worry about storage or physical media. Gamers will also be able to continue playing a game where they left off be it on a Ouya, PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. There will also be access to game demos to try out games before deciding to purchase them.


The post also shared images of the controller for the console. They are still working on the final design but they wanted to share the progress they have made so far and it includes an eight directional d-pad that in some ways reminds me of the Mad Catz Fight Pads. The brush metal look or finish is also a nice touch that matches well with the look of the console. Also for the buttons they are using the circles as placeholders until they decide what they want to use for them.

Those who have been keeping up with the Ouya console or have decided to back the console have much to look forward to when it releases next year. With OnLive added to its launch, the console looks like it will have a stronger launch lineup than any other game console. While cautious about it, the way their Kickstarter updates are handled and the news about the Ouya makes it difficult to not be excited.