Over Three Million Brutes Dead, Operation Goliath in Mass Effect 3 a Success

on March 19, 2012 8:08 PM

The report has finally come in that Operation Goliath in the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 was a massive success this weekend. Tasked with slaying a million Brutes, players went above and beyond that request and killed a staggering three million of them in their quest to win a match against the Reapers enemy on Silver difficulty. It took me quite a few tries myself but I was able to accomplish it.

As promised players will be able to unlock a special “Commendation” pack in multiplayer which will contain one N7 weapon if they beat the Reapers on Silver, and all players will have access to a “Victory” pack which will surely have some goodies of its own. The packs will begin unlocking tomorrow night at 5PM PST and you have one week to unlock it before they disappear forever.

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