OverClocked ReMix Releases Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary in Honor of Game Boy’s 25th Anniversary

OverClocked ReMix Releases Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary in Honor of Game Boy’s 25th Anniversary

Let’s go back to July 31, 1989 when a new console was making all the waves in North America. It would go on to become a stable in the gaming world; for on this day the Game Boy was released.

To celebrate Game Boy turning the big 2-5, OverClocked ReMix released Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary, which  features 15 tracks arranged by 16 artists that re-envision original compositions from several composers in a variety of styles.

Legacy is free to download and will have the following tracks:

01. Super Mario Land – Super Chai Tea Latte

  • Arranged by: Brandon Strader
  • Source: Chinese Style Stage BGM

02. Batman – Kaikuluotain

  • Arranged by: Eino Keskitalo, Tuberz McGee
  • Source: Title Scene

03. Donkey Kong – Taken

  • Arranged by: Chernabogue
  • Source: DK Has Run Away!!, Stage 9-8, VS DK Start

04. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge – Whip This Beat

  • Arranged by: Helicopter Knife Fight
  • Source: Praying Hands (Cloud Castle BGM)

05. Final Fantasy Legend II – Gift of the MAGI

  • Arranged by: Argle
  • Source: The Legend Begins

06. Asterix – Welcome to Switzerland

  • Arranged by: Bluelighter
  • Source: Title, Helvetia, Secret Place

07. Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories – Duel in the Desert!

  • Arranged by: timaeus222
  • Source: Shadi Duel, Level 1 Duel

08. Mega Man II – Miljoonamiehen Muistelmat

  • Arranged by: Eino Keskitalo
  • Source: Title

09. Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors – Super Sand Legend

  • Arranged by: Brandon Strader
  • Source: History of the Dragon Balls, Friend Beat, Game Over

10. The Smurfs’ Nightmare – Dreamboy

  • Arranged by: TheGuitahHeroe, urdailywater

11. SolarStriker – Alien Territory

  • Arranged by: Malcos
  • Source: Stage 4: Death Valley

12. Donkey Kong Land – Banaqua

  • Arranged by: Rexy
  • Source: Kremlantis Submerged

13. Pokemon Red Version – Technomagmar

  • Arranged by: DusK
  • Source: Battle (VS Trainer), Battle (VS Gym Leader), ~Opening~

14. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Face Your Nightmares

  • Arranged by: Hylian Lemon
  • Source: Face Shrine, Ballad of the Wind Fish, Shadow Battles

15. Tetris – Crimea River

  • Arranged by: Sir_NutS
  • Source: A-Type

For further information on the project and to hear some of the music, check out the trailer below.