Overcooked 2 Announced For Switch and Arriving This August

Overcooked 2 has been announced through the Nintendo E3 Direct this year. Players can expect to do more cooking in the upcoming frantic cooking title.

June 12, 2018

Overcooked 2 by Ghost Town Games was announced today through the Nintendo E3 Direct. We got a short trailer that showed off gameplay and a release date confirmed for the Switch. An announcement trailer is viewable below and you can watch the reveal from the Nintendo E3 Direct here.

Food and ingredients being thrown, kitchens in balloons and more were amongst the gameplay footage to be teased. Here’s what’s new to the game.

Overcooked 2 has online multiplayer for the first time ever, allowing up to four players to cook together. It also allows local play as the original did. As mentioned above, food is now throwable which adds a more tactical twist to the gameplay.


The levels have new mechanics, introducing moving walkways, controllable platforms, and portals. These levels are also dynamic which will change around you and offer new challenges. As well as those, an interactive world map is available as players sail, drive, or fly their way over the world in an amphibious air bus.

New kitchens are coming to the title, bringing neon themed kitchens, magical kitchens, and more to cook up brand new recipes as brand new chefs.

Overcooked originally saw players trying to save the onion kingdom by going back in time and honing their cooking skills by completing cooking orders as quickly as possible. You can read our review on the original title here.

The original Overcooked title arrived to the console last year as a special edition and the publisher Team 17 also brought The Escapists 2 to the Switch last year.

Overcooked 2 is due to arrive on Nintendo Switch, August 7th, 2018. It’s coming for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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