Overcooked 2’s Cool Teaser Points Towards Some Ice-Cold New Content

Overcooked 2’s Cool Teaser Points Towards Some Ice-Cold New Content

Manic multiplayer culinary title Overcooked 2's new teaser trailer seems to be hinting towards a free, frozen, and festive update.

Culinary chaos was served in spades earlier this year when Overcooked 2 exploded out of the kitchen and onto consoles and PC. However, it seems that the chefs haven’t quite finished whipping up fun dishes, as publisher Team 17 has teased an extra little something for the near future.

The latest teaser trailer for the manic multiplayer title runs for a mere 30 seconds in duration, but its enough to whet a player’s appetite for more frantic fun. The one-shot advertisement shows a cold body of water littered with thick ice cubes bobbing on its surface; some of which contain characters from the game frozen inside. A seemingly tranquil robin perches on a slab of ice as we see the busy feet of chefs speeding past the camera, carrying an assortment of items from one kitchen counter to another.

The simple trailer closes with a chef slipping into the icy waters. It seems that the piece is pointing toward a new Overcooked 2 update. There is no word just yet as to what exactly the update will feature, but we can rest assured that it will be free and that it will be festive themed, acting as a stark contrast to the sizzling summer update Surf ‘n’ Turf which was released earlier this year.

The crazy cooking action of Overcooked 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The game can be picked up via Amazon.

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