Overcooked 2 Launch Day Trailer Features Zombie Bread

Overcooked 2 Launch Day Trailer Features Zombie Bread

Zombie bread and manic meal-making in the launch trailer for the adorable and completely chaotic multiplayer title Overcooked 2.

In celebration of Overcooked 2 hitting consoles today, Team17 has revealed a new trailer featuring chaotic kitchen antics and zombie bread.

The trailer begins with the camera panning across a darkened cemetery where slices of red-eyed bread can be seen rising from their graves. From here there is a stark difference in contrast and the viewer is shown the bright and colorful world of Overcooked 2’s gameplay as busy little chefs rush around a number of increasingly bizarre kitchen set-ups.

The sequel to Ghost Town Games’ renowned multiplayer title promises more culinary catastrophes and manic meal making as players attempt to keep their kitchens in check while under immense pressure. Throughout the trailer cooks can be seen lobbing steaks and vegetables around the stages, extinguishing fires on a hot air balloon, and sprinting to catch up with portable counters as they switch positions to serve the hungry people of the Onion Kingdom.

Overcooked 2 is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can see what DualShockers’ own Logan thought of Overcooked 2 in our review.