Overgrowth Intended to be "Content Complete" Within a Year, Additional Receiver Content A Possibility

February 3, 2014

Hit indie title Overgrowth is intended to be “content complete,” the developer Wolfire Games said yesterday in a Q&A on Reddit.

When  the developers were asked if had any idea when Overgrowth would be finished, they responded that they had a vague deadline in mind.

We are hoping to have the game more or less content complete within a year or so

However, this won’t necessarily mean that the game will be a completed product within a year. Rather, after all of the content has been added, the developers intend to work on fixing smaller issues and getting Overgrowth ready for a full release.

Then we can focus on polish, optimization and bug fixes for a while.

Once Overgrowth has launched, the developers are also thinking about adding more content to Reciever, another of their games that launched in 2012 and recieved acclaim for its unique FPS mechanics.

I would definitely like to do more with [Reciever] and those gameplay mechanics, but I’m not sure when — Overgrowth is priority one for now.

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