Overkill's The Walking Dead Reveals Heather in Final and Brutal Character Trailer

The latest character trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead has arrived and we're introduced to the fourth and final playable character Heather.

June 8, 2018

The fourth and final playable character for Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been revealed, and we’re introduced to Heather in the latest character trailer for the co-op shooter.

Heather’s character trailer introduces us to her calmly walking around a barren, ruined store as she pushes a shopping cart around. A zombie stands outside watching her until it’s shot in the brain by a group of armed survivors who casually enter the store. Heather gets seen and a bloody battle between them all ensues. Heather ends up on the floor and the surviving men leave to heal up.

Unlucky for them Heather follows and fires a flare gun down the alley they’re in, locks the alleyway gate and watches as zombies start to emerge. After bargaining for her bag back that the men took from her, she drops the key to the gate and walks away leaving the men to clumsily attempt an escape.


Heather is revealed to be a scout who used to be a kindergarten teacher before the apocalypse. The bloody trailer can be viewed below.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is an upcoming first-person co-op shooter for four players. Players are to complete missions, raids, and locate other survivors as well as gathering supplies and to stay alive. Stealth can be a path they may wish to take, or they can choose to go in all guns blazing. Each playable character that we’ve seen will have their own special abilities, skill trees, background stories, squad roles, and playing styles.

We’ve already seen trailers for Aidan, Maya, and more recently Grant. The title is being published by 505 Games as they announced back in 2015.

On a side note, if players are attending E3 2018 they will be able to play the title from the 12th of June to the 14th of June at Booth 5200 in the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is due to arrive this fall and will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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