Finji’s Overland Will Officially Release on PC in 2019

Finji’s Overland Will Officially Release on PC in 2019

The long-awaited indie survival-strategy game Overland will officially make its way to PC in 2019 according to developer Finji.

As a game that takes elements of strategy games like XCOM and mixes in plenty of survival elements with a striking aesthetic, Overland from Night in the Woods publisher Finji is certainly an indie title that is worth keeping an eye on, and now we can expect for the game to arrive sometime next year.

According to Finji, the company stated that its survival-strategy title Overland will release in 2019 for PC, adding that more updates will be provided closer to the game’s release.

Overland has been in development by Finji for several years and has been made available in a “First Access” state, where players could purchase the game through the studio’s website to play early and provide feedback for the team, engage in conversations with the developers through forums, and more.

Set in a post-apocalyptic North America, the game takes players through a variety of procedurally-generated environments where players will have to make hard choices in order to survive. Namely, that will include encountering other survivors and choosing whether to let them in to your party or having to part ways, scrounge for supplies such as medkits and weapons, encounter a variety of threats out in the wild, and more.

Overland will release for PC in 2019.