Overload Hits Early Access on PC Today, Early Access Roadmap Detailed, Gets Launch Trailer

Overload Hits Early Access on PC Today, Early Access Roadmap Detailed, Gets Launch Trailer

Revival Productions have detailed future plans for Overload, their six-degree-of-freedom shooter, which launched today in Early Access via Steam.

Revival Productions announced today that their six-degree-of-freedom shooter Overload has officially entered Early Access via Steam. Alongside the release announcement we also get a new trailer which can be seen below.

Overload will start as a singleplayer game initially, with multiplayer features coming in a few months. Here is a quick breakdown of the features that are currently available in Early Access:

  • 4 unique Challenge Mode levels
  • Infinite and Countdown variants that change the focus to Survival or Efficiency
  • Optional training level for refining your piloting skills
  • One sample single-player level (not part of the main campaign)
  • 12 explosive weapons (7 primary weapons and 5 missile)
  • 10 terrifying robot enemies

Revival Productions have also given more details on the upcoming features and changes coming to Overload in the future:


Our focus with Early Access is to make Challenge Mode the best it can be through iteration, polish, and player feedback. We will also be revealing about a third of the single-player campaign with a focus on refinement of the elements present there as well as interface and level complexity/flow.

The first update, currently planned for late March/early April, will add the following to the game:

  • One full singleplayer level from the main campaign
  • One new Challenge Mode level, Hive
  • A new missile, Nova
  • Top 25 personal scores on leaderboards (in additional to Steam world-wide and friends)

We plan to do a significant update to the game every 3-4 weeks of similar size, with some smaller updates to address bugs and player feedback. Much of the story content will be held back for the full game release, but by the end of Early Access, Overload will feature:

  • 10+ Challenge Mode levels
  • Multiple rule variants in Challenge Mode
  • XP-based unlocks and permanent upgrades for Challenge Mode
  • 5 Single-player fully playable campaign levels
  • 13-14 upgradeable weapons with fully functional upgrade screen in single-player
  • 15+ robots of varying ferocity

The remaining content listed in the FULL GAME will be added at launch.


When we exit Early Access and launch the full game, Overload will contain:

  • Single-player story campaign with 15+ FULL-SIZE atmospheric levels
  • 12+ Challenge Mode levels with tons of replayability
  • Upgradeable player ship and 16 weapons with multiple upgrade options
  • 20+ terrifying robot types and 3 massive bosses
  • Story by the writer of FREESPACE 2, plus pulse-pounding soundtrack
  • Epic soundtrack by Dan Wentz (DESCENT 2) and Allister Brimble (DESCENT 1 REDBOOK)


All purchases include the FREE expansion to add Multiplayer support 6-8 months after launch. A custom Level Editor will also be released sometime after launch. The Level Editor is currently expected to be available before the Multiplayer Expansion.

Overload is currently in Early Access on PC via Steam Early for $24.99.