Sci-Fi Tunnel Shooter Overload Flying Out of Early Access in May; Coming to Consoles Q3 2018

Sci-Fi Tunnel Shooter Overload Flying Out of Early Access in May; Coming to Consoles Q3 2018

Revival Production has announced sci-fi tunnel shooter Overload will leave Early Access on May 31 before coming to PS4 and Xbox One in Q3 2018.

Revival Productions, a studio made up of former Descent developers, has been working on Overload, a sci-fi tunnel shooter, for the last few years, hitting Early Access in March of 2017 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter. Today, Revival Productions released another trailer for the game and revealed that Overload will be releasing on PC on May 31.

Like Descent, Overload gives players have six-degrees-of-freedom movement to explore the game’s labyrinthine levels. Overall, the game is set to include over fifteen level embellished with things like lava, forcefields, enemy ambushes, and secret rooms. As it comes out of Early Access, Overload will also gain a Challenge mode and online multiplayer.

Overload even supports VR, and is playable with both an Oculus Rift and an HTC Vive. After launch, Revival Production is planning to release a Level Editor for players to mess around with. If you want to try the game out, but don’t want to pick it up on Early Access, you can try out a new playable teaser of the game for free on Steam.

Mike Kulas, co-creator, Revival Productions, had the following to say about the continuous development of Overload:

“We started Overload as a nostalgic homage to Descent, but it has really grown into something more. We were able to create a deep story with voice, a new challenge mode and add VR support. And all this is on top of graphics and sound we could only dream about 20 years ago.”

While Overload will smoothly transition out of Early Access on May 31, the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been delayed until Q3 2018. According to the developers, launching on all three platforms simultaneously would be incredibly tough for their small team because of the game’s multiplayer mode, so Revival Productions is taking some extra time to test and finalize the console versions.

You can check out the game’s release date trailer below. Overload is currently available in Early Access on PC, but will come out of it on May 31.