Overpass is a Different Kind of Off-Road Racer

Overpass is a Different Kind of Off-Road Racer

It's time to take your race off the roads. Overpass brings ultra-technical, hyper-realistic off-road racing later this year.

Overpass is doing its best to stand out in a crowded racer market. Instead of pitting you up against other racers in head-to-head matchups, Overpass embraces the truly treacherous world of off-road racing. There are no paved racetracks to zip around. In their place are mountainous passes that will require as much pre-planning as they do an itchy throttle finger. The team at Bigben Games shared a new video giving a good look at their upcoming game, give it a watch below.

Off the top of my head, I can’t really think of any other games that play like Overpass. Even other off-road racers usually just have you sprinting around tracks. Overpass, by comparison, is a much more measured experience. In some ways, it looks more like a puzzle game than a racer. There’s also quite a bit of the age-old challenge of walking up a mountain in a Bethesda RPG. You might be moving slowly, but finding that perfect way up the mountain is so satisfying.

The closest comparison point I think of in the racing genre is the Trials series. However, Overpass looks to be taking itself way more seriously than the Trials games. I’ve never had the itch to try out off-roading in real life, but this short gameplay demo has me very excited about giving it a try in the digital space.

Overpass might not be a game for everybody. However, I will always respect devs trying to do something different from everything else out there. As we saw with Need for Speed: Heat, the world doesn’t really need any more open world racers. Maybe ultra-technical and hyper-realistic over-road racing is exactly what the genre needs.

Overpass is launching on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One February 27.