Blizzard Reveals New Features Coming to Overwatch in 2017; “Multiple New Heroes” Inbound

Blizzard Reveals New Features Coming to Overwatch in 2017; “Multiple New Heroes” Inbound

Overwatch‘s Game Director Jeff Kaplan spoke more about what fans can expect for the popular online team-based in 2017, mentioning that “multiple new heroes”, new maps, new game modes, and tweaks to existing characters will be introduced via a developer video uploaded earlier today.

In regards to new playable characters, Kaplan stated that although the team usually tends to work on more content that what’s actually released, there’s one character that he and the rest of team are really confident in. Lots of “fun” prototypes are in the pipeline as well, and he hopes that fans will get to witness them themselves come the new year.

Aside from Oasis, which was announced earlier this year at Blizzcon, the team has multiple new map and game mode prototypes in development as well, one of which they, again, express a significant degree of confidence in and plays like a traditional game mode. In regards to the others, Blizzard is currently unsure as to whether or not they’ll see the light of day.

The team is also planning to improve spectator modes, garnering feedback from the broadcast community in order to better the pro tournament scene. In particular, Kaplan mentions that one of the requests they most hear about is a map associated with viewing a tournament, or a viewer map.

Kaplan and his team also talked about custom games, including a server browser to allow players to see a big list of custom games and allowance of users to make their own rules or map rotations and invite the public to join in. This “top-requested feature” should debut early 2017.

Finally, Kaplan mentions tweaks the team is introducing to its newest characters, Ana and Sombra, and talked about how the team introduced the Eichenwalde map, Arcade, and seasonal events this past year.

All of his comments can be found in the video below. Kaplan reassures fans by stating that updates of this kind will last well into 2017, and thanks the Overwatch community for being so awesome.

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game’s holiday event is currently underway, and had its holiday-themed comic released yesterday. It’s currently discounted across platforms.