Here Are Your New Overwatch Anniversary Skins From This Year’s Event

Here Are Your New Overwatch Anniversary Skins From This Year’s Event

New skins for the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event include Academy D.Va and Gargoyle Winston, with skins from previous events also available.

Players of Overwatch are already in the midst of the new anniversary event, but those who haven’t dipped their toes in yet can take a peek at the skins they might be missing out on. From now until June 10, players can replay some of the previous brawls and grab cosmetics from past events. They can also nab new skins for their favorite heroes, including Academy D.Va and Gargoyle Winston; Blizzard isn’t out of new cosmetic ideas just yet.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag with the skins this year—Doomfist, Sombra, Widowmaker, Pharah, and D.Va get what just seem like okay palette swaps to me, though the “Midnight D.Va” skin is admittedly cool. Pharah does get another skin, though, one that makes her look a bit like an astronaut. I assume all of her flying about translates well to that profession. “Academy D.Va” puts the mech rider into a schoolgirl outfit, which will undoubtedly bring the weebs out.

Mei has one such outfit that dresses her like a waitress for what looks like to be a bubble tea shop—again, another natural career fit, given her ice-making abilities. The new skin for Roadhog is quite toxic, putting him in literally some sort of toxic suit. He definitely isn’t avoiding these chemicals but appears to be using them instead, a la Bane from Batman fiction. Speaking of toxic, I’m not exactly fond of Blizzard dressing up Brigitte as a cop. I am, however, enjoying Winston’s turn as a stone gargoyle.

I’m always uncertain whether or not new skins are a good enough incentive to get back into Overwatch, but I am a bit curious about the cosmetics that I may have missed from previous events, given that I’ve been out of the loop for the past year. Should anyone participate in the festivities, they will also see that the Overwatch Workshop is now out of the PTR and available to players. Additionally, a new Escort map based on Havana is now in rotation.

Check out some concept art and screenshots for the new Anniversary cosmetics below. As mentioned, the event will go on for players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 until June 10.