Overwatch Ashe Cosplayer Poses With Jaw-Dropping Life-Size B.O.B.

May 29, 2022

Photo by: @johankustersphotographix
Overwatch Ashe Cosplayer Denzhy poses with a mind-blowing life-size B.O.B cosplay to create the perfect Wild West-themed duo.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch returned in full force with the launch of Overwatch 2‘s closed beta in April. With reworked characters and abilities, new content, and a revamped team format, OW2 has promised to get fans pumped again by revitalizing the franchise.

Though the beta’s end date is approaching, Overwatch players have begun to embrace their old favorites once again. Gorgeous fan art and stunning cosplays bring the heroes to life in incredible detail – and this Ashe & B.O.B. duo is taking Overwatch cosplay to the next level. Armed with her trusty weapon and robot friend B.O.B., Dutch cosplayer Denzhy looks every bit the rebellious gunslinger.


Based in the Netherlands, Dutch creator Denzhy is a combination cosplayer, streamer, and songwriter. Her cosplay creations center largely on anime and gaming, with the occasional web-slinging Marvel character. She brings an element of elegance to each of the characters she portrays, embodying their personalities with attitude and style.


Now, Denzhy walks in the high-heeled boots of Deadlock gang leader Ashe. The sharply styled bob cut and tailored outfit made by Miccostumes Official perfectly capture Ashe’s sharp sense of boldness. Even cooler, the B.O.B. unit standing behind her is its own cosplay, boasting a full range of movement and functioning electric components.

Though the Ashe outfit was crafted by Miccostunes Official, Denzhy handmade Ashe’s signature hat. Additionally, her Viper weapon was 3D printed by Netherlands-based designer Johan of 3D Print & DIY Projects. The combination of their efforts shows that cosplay can truly be the work of a village, but the end result looks as iconic as the character herself.

Clanking behind Denzhy is Wayne Berendhuysen, the mastermind engineer behind Wayne’s Workshop. In an armor set that is well over 6ft tall, Berendhuysen stomps behind Ashe in an unbelievable replica of her trusty robo-companion B.O.B. And, as large as the costume is, Berendhuysen built the cosplay to have a full range of movement so that the cosplay is a lifelike character rather than merely a posable statue.

As if glowing eyes and moving joints weren’t cool enough, Berendhuysen also engineered working arm cannons. Thankfully they don’t blast bullets, but any enemy is sure to get a face full of smoke. The cosplay is completed with a smoking dynamite stick that sticks to B.O.B.’s hand via magnets.

Check out Denzhy’s work on Instagram @denzhy or on Twitch at DenzhyTV. Further, find more of Berendhuysen’s engineering feats on Instagram at Wayne’s Workshop.

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