Overwatch’s Newest Hero is the Combat Medic Baptiste

Overwatch’s Newest Hero is the Combat Medic Baptiste

Baptiste is making his way to the full version of Overwatch in the coming weeks and is currently available for play in the PTR.

Blizzard has now revealed the 30th hero that will soon be joining the full roster of Overwatch in the coming weeks and his name is Baptiste.

Baptiste is a support character in Overwatch but along with primarily being a healer, Baptiste can also deal out a bit more damage than other characters in the support class. Armed with a Biotic Launcher, Baptiste can deal out sizable damage to foes in three-round bursts in addition to his alternate fire which shoots grenades and also heals allies near the point of impact.

As for Baptiste’s abilities, he is able to utilize a regeneration burst to heal allies near him in addition to laying down an immortality field, which will keep allies inside of the shield from dying. As for Baptiste’s ult, the Amplification Matrix, he can lay down a wall that then amplifies damage to foes if bullets or other projectiles fired through the matrix make contact with enemies. It’ll surely be a helpful ult in those compact firefights. As for his passive, Baptiste comes donning Exo Boots which allow him to leap to extreme heights. All in all, he seems like a really interesting, fun addition to Overwatch.

Per usual with the release of a new character, Baptiste will be available for play first in the PTR over the coming days and weeks. Once Blizzard has ironed out things with Baptiste a bit more, he’ll be added to the full roster of Overwatch for free in a new update.

Down below, you can find Blizzard’s video detailing more of the backstory of Baptiste. You can also check out his abilities in action in the video embedded from Overwatch’s tweet.

Overwatch is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.