Overwatch Will Take You to Busan, South Korea in This New Map

Overwatch Will Take You to Busan, South Korea in This New Map

Blizzard unveiled a new map for Overwatch during Gamescom 2018, a control map set in D.Va's home of Busan, South Korea—the map has three distinct locales.

As if a new animated short wasn’t enough, Blizzard had more to announce for Overwatch during Gamescom 2018. Coinciding with a D.Va-focused short is a brand new map, set in the mech pilot’s old digs. Set in Busan, South Korea, this control map will have three distinct locations.

These locales include the Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base, all with very different looks. Sanctuary appears to be the most serene, containing an ancient temple and brimming with a sense of history. Downtown is a far cry from Sanctuary, a modern metropolis that includes a karaoke bar and a rail station, with a train that is presumably fatal to players who find themselves in its path.

Finally, the MEKA Base is the home of D.Va and the rest of the MEKA squad, and acts as the main line of defense against omnic threats to the city. The base has a lived-in quality to it, also containing a lounge and an armory for the squad’s mecha suits.

Check out a video showcasing the map below, along with a set of screenshots. Busan, like most maps before it, should be playable on the PC through the PTR before a full release to the public on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.