Overwatch Chinese New Year 2021 Skins, New Outfits for Ashe and Echo

Overwatch Chinese New Year 2021 Skins, New Outfits for Ashe and Echo

Overwatch Year of the Ox event is now live and here we take a look at a highlight of skins that have been already revealed.

Every year, Overwatch celebrates the Lunar New Year with a special limited-time event, introducing new skins for characters and some new game modes to play. After revealing this year’s event with a teaser from D.Va burning her mecha to pieces as a firework, now you can take a look at Overwatch Chinese New Year 2021 Ashe skin, along with Echo’s, in two new teasers.

Officially, the Year of the Ox event will go live later today across all platforms. Thus far, we have two legendary skins for Ashe and Echo, but more are expected to be revealed today as we are getting closer to the event’s launch. Overwatch Chinese New Year 2021 Ashe skin is called Eye of the Tiger, which grants bob an aggressive cyber tiger skin along with a traditional blue Chinese outfit for Ashe.

On the other hand, Echo receives Kkachi skin. The name refers to a unique kind of magpie mostly living in eastern China. Echo’s skin has been directly inspired by this gorgeous bird, representing Black, White, and Dark Blue colors with two massive wings in the back. Prior to Ashe and Echo, Blizzard revealed a teaser appearing D.Va with a Chinese skin, but as far as we know, that skin is already available in the game. So, whether she gets a new one or not is anyone’s guess.

The full patch notes of this event are yet to arrive, but you can expect some new skins with dozens of new sprays, and voice lines for multiple heroes. Moreover, a new game mode might be added to Overwatch during the Chinese New Year event. Last year in the same event, Blizzard rolled out a new version of Capture the Flag as a limited-time mode for Year of the Pug. If nothing, at least you can expect the same mode to be back once again this year.

Overwatch is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.