Overwatch’s Next Seasonal Event Will Celebrate Chinese New Year with The Year of the Rooster

Overwatch’s Next Seasonal Event Will Celebrate Chinese New Year with The Year of the Rooster

The next seasonal event for the hit FPS from Blizzard will take place during Chinese New Year celebrations for The Year of the Rooster.

Since its release, Overwatch‘s seasonal events during the Summer Olympics, Halloween, and Christmas have all brought unique new skins, game modes, features, and more for players to enjoy all year long, with the game’s next seasonal event officially kicking off next week to coincide with Chinese New Year.

Blizzard Entertainment announced through social media that the next event for Overwatch fans will begin on January 24th, 2017 to celebrate Chinese New Year, which this year is noted as The Year of the Rooster.

Though details on the event are a big vague right now, two tweets from Blizzard’s Twitter accounts revealed new skins that will be coming for both Mei and D.Va based around the event, with a tweet from Blizzard’s Korean account nicely acknowledging Korea’s own Lunar New Year.

As with the previous seasonal events that Blizzard has run, we can probably also expect a bevy of new skins for the remaining characters, maybe a new map, and (most likely) a new game mode during the event for players to try, such as Lucioball in the Summer Games and Junkenstein’s Revenge during the Halloween event. Based on what we’ve seen previously, the seasonal events usually run for at least a few weeks, though the duration of this event may be shorter as Overwatch‘s event will come just a few days before Chinese New Year on January 28th, 2017.

The Year of the Rooster event will mark Overwatch‘s fourth official seasonal event since its launch in May of last year, with the previous events including the Summer Games during the Summer Olympics, and events that ran during Halloween and Christmas of last year.

Overwatch is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.