Overwatch Gets a New Developer Diary on PTR Testing

A new video has been released promoting Blizzard’s massively popular FPS Overwatch.

The video is a developer diary featuring Game director Jeff Kaplan, who goes into detail about PTR testing for the game. PTR, an abbreviation for Public Testing Region (or Realm), is a unique server-based test which allows players to try upcoming features not yet implemented in the full version of the game.

The developers use this feature to ascertain the stability of the game and determine if there will be any issues when launching the changes full scale.

Jeff explains things like why console players are unable to participate in PTR, the difference in when patches release for the game on various platforms, the incentives (or lack thereof) for participating in PTR and much more.

He also details a few of the balance changes being made to characters like Sombra, who will be getting buffs of some sort in the next update and D.Va, who on the other hand will be getting slightly nerfed. Jeff reassures that balancing of all characters will continue based on their findings as the life of the game advances.

Fans especially concerned about the competitive environment of the game and the challenges presented by multiplatform development of a massively online game are in for an interesting watch.

Check out the video below.

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