Overwatch Heading to Rio with New Olympic Games-Themed Skins, Items, and More Teased

Overwatch Heading to Rio with New Olympic Games-Themed Skins, Items, and More Teased

In just a few days, fans across the globe will watch the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, with the team at Blizzard Entertainment seeming to provide their take on worldwide competition with the upcoming “Summer Games” in Overwatch, and the chance to earn special skins and other loot based around the games in Rio.

As shared by numerous Twitch and YouTube streamers, Blizzard has sent out packages for the “Summer Games” in Overwatch (seen in the photos below from Twitch streamer Laced Up Lauren), which appears to be providing new content for the game to coincide with the Olympic Games in Rio starting this week.

The package from Blizzard specifically contained an Overwatch-themed medal, stickers, and art showing the characters of Overwatch participating in various sports and competitions, such as Tracer as a track-and-field runner, Lucio as a football player, and (hilariously) Roadhog as a high diver – all most likely showing what will be new skins for each of the characters.

Players in Overwatch will be able to participate in the “Summer Games” until August 22nd (at 11:59pm PT), and have the chance to unlock special Loot Boxes specifically with the Summer Games-themed items, with over 90 pieces of loot that can be earned such as skins, voice lines, and more.

According to a screenshot from the PlayStation Store (shared via NeoGAF user “Vault Dweller 111”), the Summer Games Loot Boxes will also be available to purchase like regular Loot Boxes, though the individual items will not be available to purchase with in-game credits (making earning Loot Boxes the only way to unlock them).

Along with new skins and items for characters, the package from Blizzard also hinted at other content that may be in store during the event, including a (potential) new map based in Rio de Janeiro, and a possible new football (soccer) inspired mode.

Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t officially confirmed or announced more details just yet for this special event in Overwatch, though with the Olympic Games starting on August 5th, hopefully we will know sooner rather than later what the company has in store to celebrate the worldwide competition.

Overwatch is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.