Overwatch League Adds Teams from Atlanta and Guangzhou for 2019

Overwatch League Adds Teams from Atlanta and Guangzhou for 2019

2019's Overwatch League will see two new teams competing for the title. China's Guangzhou and Georgia's Atlanta will be taking on the world's greatest teams.

Hot on the heels of the enormously successful Overwatch Inaugural League, which came to a close recently in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, Blizzard has announced that there will be two new teams joining the fight for 2019’s top spot.

The new teams will be representing Atlanta, Georgia and Guangzhou, China. Since the Overwatch League operates on a city to city basis, similar to the form of many professional sports, the new entrants will be competing in the Atlantic and Pacific leagues.


China’s Guangzhou team will be footed by Nenking Group; the people behind the Chinese Basketball Association’s Guangzhou Long Lions. While Atlanta’s team is owned by communications, media, and automatives company, Cox Enterprises. The stateside team will be operating under Atlanta eSports Ventures; a Cox and Province Inc. partnership.

Although the cities have been revealed, little more is known about the Overwatch teams so far.  Blizzard has stated that roster of players and official team names will be revealed in the future. We can take it for granted that we’ll also learn each player’s prefered positions and characters soon afterwards.

The game itself continues to evolve with Wrecking Ball being added to the roster recently, and the latest balance patches seeing a number of changes to support characters.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.